Sister’s computer perfect for browser mmos

While Spud waits for his PC to get fixed, he is trying to kill time by borrowing his sister’s netbook.

Never having owned a netbook and considering the very idea to use on for playing games an insult, Spud was surprised at how perfect he could see and control his browser game on an 8-inch screen with a keyboard smaller than a postcard (the mouse was huge though).

It was the perfect size for browser games, but really sucked when it came to FB games and of course trying to play traditional games.

Also, took it outside and the wireless internet signal was stronger than I thought and didn’t disconnect even once.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 21, 2010.

One Response to “Sister’s computer perfect for browser mmos”

  1. Any idea if the Sims would work on a tiny thing like a netbook?

    By the way, I am currently exploring ways to combine a netbook and a desktop computer into a “super computer” by way of “clustering”. So far all my research points to the conclusion that it should work, so long as I keep the connection between the two machines strong. This way, I can play games that need more power on my netbook.
    My desktop monitor died a fiery death last month and my tower has been sitting there and I didn’t want to get a new monitor until I start working this fall. But in the meantime, this can allow me to still use both computers effectively!

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