Metal Assault | 2-D MMO Gun-n-Run

Metal Slug fans will like this game.  It’s supposedly a Korean game localized for the west under a classic but familiar guise of running, gunning, and vehicle driving mayhem on a 2-dimensional battlefield.  While the naming of this MMO leaves much to be desired (most Asian-made MMOs do), it provides both familiar 2-D free scrolling elements mixed with massive pvp and cooperative mechanics that are sure to keep a lot of core and casual players busy.  If you’re not so much a hardcore mmorpg player, but prefer the sporadic spontaneity of browser games as well as some other gaming on the side, Metal Assault might be for you.

Metal Assault Poster

Closed Beta at Aeria begins in the Spring this year.

This will be a client based game (not a browser game), but it looks light enough to allow you to flip back and forth between your desktop and the game without killing your ‘puter.  Maybe that’s what the publisher had in mind as it’s other games like Caesary, Lords Online and Ministry of War require you to wait a lot — in between buildings and troop recruitments, you could easily play a few rounds of Meta Assault.

Sign up today if you like.

I don’t know many other 2-D games like this (or ones that look this good), but if you have other suggestions, please reply with a short list of the best in your opinion.

~ by Red 5 Standing By on January 24, 2011.

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