Been hiding underground

Happy freakin’ New Year I guess is the appropriate thing to say.  That, and sorry for being such a lazy ass these past few months.  Some personal troubles and a long story that you don’t need to know, but the point is, I’ve let all my readers down (all 3 of them).

I’d like to begin this new continuation of Spud blog posts with a few pieces of news that you probably already know but were news to me until about 3 minutes ago.  Champions Online will be going live on January 25.  LOTRO is actually earning revenue even after going FTP (these two have been posted everywhere).  Aeria is slated to release two mmo games by Q2, Lime Odyssey (or “Ragnarok Online 2-2”) and Realm of the Titans.

Thoughts on these.  None, really.  I just wanted to remember how it feels to talk about game stuff again after so long. Until next time (soon hopefully), toodle-oo!

~ by Red 5 Standing By on January 13, 2011.

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