Raw Fish in my Mouth — Sushi Blog

This really made me wanna go to Japan – I love the Sushi!

I was in Japan a few months ago, but I didn’t eat sushi, blast me!  I took in all the sights, the girls, the night life, all the stuff you saw in Lost in Translation, but of all the things I could have missed — real sushi — just crucify me now.

And you know what? In Akihabara and the next-door town of Ueno, there were TONS of sushi shops: sushi trains, raw fish for sale under the sun  (for god know how much per pound), and other opportunities to eat. Then, I was referred this blog from an old mate of mine, its an extension of Metropolitan Sushi.com what looks to be a casual blog about sushi in Japan meant for foreigners (westerners, I guess).

~ by Red 5 Standing By on November 8, 2010.

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