Sexually Explicit Games: we need a bigger target

Spud was prancing around the web today and came across the Fox News video that labeled Mass Effect 1 practically pronographic.  Well, how explicit does a sci-fi rpg have to be to get air time on Fox?

Mass Effect 1 love scene

Image from Google Images when searching for “Mass Effect Sex”

Everyone knows that mature themes like sex, language, tragedy and loss, and massive destructive carnage are the candy that laces otherwise dull and unoriginal video games.  If you didn’t know that, then you know now.  First it was violence, then it was the idea of playing too many video games, now its things like half-naked advertising (ahem, evony…), alien sideboobs, and other below-the-belt (or below the neck) red flags some people just can’t resist complaining about.

(Sexuality-changing games might also become a talked-about issue as well — my last post was a diatribe about Pikachu trying to turn you into Freddy Mercury and if you missed it, here’s the link)

Probably the first time Spud encountered a ‘love scene’ in a video game was back in the day on the PS1 with the Squaresoft rpg Xenogears (cripes I almost wrote mmorpg by axdent).  No spoiler intended, but there is a scene where your main character Fei gets lucky.  There was even a rendered (pixelated) naked Fei ass that raise all but 3 hairs on the back of my neck.  There wasn’t anything graphic but the entire scene was suggestive enough for any preteen to guess, “I think they’re doing sex! Oh boy, that sex ed class taught me good!” (stupid anecdote yes) But did it become a controversy?  No. At least none that caught as much attention as Mass Effect a few years back from Kevin McCullough and Martha MacCallum.

Honestly, Spud has not played Mass Effect for even a second, but after seeing the damaging and grossly misinformed blog and news vid, Spud hit wikipedia and got a better summary of the events.

Really, one sexually permeated scene out of 30 or more hours of play is not that much and pales in comparison to the less aesthetically pleasing but all the more suggestive GTA San Andreas sex scene.  Also, people might want to pay attention to all the great pieces of ace that adorn web advertising for free mmorpg games from Korea, China and good ol sunny Japan.

How many times is this issue going to blown out so out of proportion that a major television network like Fox News gets to dedicate precious minutes to a bunch of interviewees using their few minutes of fame to spout near-groundless comments about a game they never even played?

Well, there’s no such thing as bad publicity and this probably got more people interested in buying the game than it tried to warn – those that give a damn anyways.

Make a bigger Target to punch while the real game makers continue to crank out quality games.  Someone should just make a mainstream game that is all about the sexy and let that take the heat for a while — a game so offensive and graphic that it puts minuscule scenes of passion like the one in Mass Effect to shame.

Props to the creators of Mass Effect. Hope ME2 is just as successful!  I’ll get around to playing them sometime.

~ by Red 5 Standing By on August 20, 2010.

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