WTF? EverCrack too?

The article above announces EverQuestII to go F2P.  What does this mean for first timers who never touched it because it was P2P?  4 Tier levels according to this image from

Bronze Membership: Completely free, Silver Membership: One-time $10 payment, Gold Subscription $14.99/month, Platinum Subscription $200/year

Like LOTRO’s free to play move, each tier has its limitations and all are equipped with micro-transactionable purchases.

Looks like big brand name retail games are adopting similar models (subscription tiers) that make it clear they want revenue and offer far more liberties to paying subscribers, rather than just opening up all the games’ freedoms as most f2p mmorpg game portals do (in addition to their own item malls and gold sinks).

Spud for one, will not be jumping on this wagon as SC2 is now out in stores.

Should the unlikely scenario of boredom arise from playing SC2, perhaps an interim mmo like EQII: Extended (the name for the f2p version EQII) would fill in the gaps (periods when SC2 urge is dormant) while waiting for Diablo3 to come out, granted that the gaps are big enough to make playing EQII worth one’s time.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on July 28, 2010.

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