OH SNAP! SC2 comes out in a few days!

(switching to first-person speech)

When I first heard about the development of SC2 back in 2007,  I was like, “for shizzle!? I’ll drink to that!” I checked their official website every other day, hoping for a few more units/characters to be announced.  Then after a couple months, I became disillusioned with the concept of a SC sequel, and that their announcement was much too early leading to a crash in the hype.

Now 3 years and some change later, it’s finally coming to the day of actual release of not a single title, but the first of three episodes.  It’s like the revival of the Batman film franchise all over again!

While I won’t be one of the hundreds to line up at my local game shop to purchase a copy (due to work and family), unlike my teen days back when SC2 was the rage, I’ll no doubt have not only the disposable income, but the brand loyalty to launch my new secondary-career as a SC2 player.

But alas, I have quite a few neglected accounts active on some free online mmorpg and rts gaming portals that will unfortunately have to be abandoned in order to make way for SC2 in my gaming life.  Sorry, portals, but for me, that’s what free gaming sites are for!  Play em to kill time while you’re waiting for real games to be developed, launched and capture the hearts, time, and wallets of the masses that free games portals can only dream of!  Why tease me with item malls and farmville-esque virtual junk, when I can get a quality game with a retail box that puts every one of your annoying big-breasted, manga wannabe center-fold click-ads to shame?  Headhunt from Blizzard or something?

I mean seriously, will there ever be a game offered for free or cheaply enough to come close to the heavenly cliffs dominated perched on by the likes of the Starcrafts, GWs, and COD4’s of the world?  I hope I don’t live to see it.

It will also give me an excuse to delete all those mediocre free to download/play games like FlyforFun that are now just another fragment on my hard disk I’ll need to clean up, purifying my computer a bit before my glorious SC2 installation! Haha!

The above is very serious and no words can describe how happy I feel to be looking forward to SC2’s release, not to mention another Blizzard gem, Diablo III, coming later.  As a regular contributor to the Free MMo RPG Adventure Blog group, manager and moderator of MMO Couch Potato Blog, and as a gamer, I felt that I should share my enthusiasm for the milestones being reached in the world of games.

I still hate WOW, though.

Thuh End.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on July 23, 2010.

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