MMO things that grind my gears

10 things that grind my gears when playing MMOs:

  1. porn site advertising by players who don’t play
  2. people who reply “yup” to everything!
  3. people who call “I get last hit!”
  4. people who try to emphasize their amusement by typing, “LOLOLOLOLLLOLZ” (always with a “z” at the end)
  5. voluptuous female art that attracts people to play games, when the in-game models are fugly
  6. game trailers with superb CG animation, but in-game graphics are “meh”
  7. people who correct others for misspelling “owned” with “pwned” (lighten up!)
  8. chatting about the polls, “who did everyone vote for?” (none of your bizness, pal)
  9. getting a temporary ban for something I did not do.
  10. having to change my name when I join a guild

I’m done for now.

-Alpha Spud


~ by Red 5 Standing By on July 21, 2010.

34 Responses to “MMO things that grind my gears”

  1. […] Post your 10 Pet Peeves as comments to the blog […]

  2. 10 things I hate when I am playing MMO’s 😦
    1. People killing the mob I’m training my pet on while i’m away
    2. People Kill Stealing when i’m trying to farm sp, exp or lvl my p2 pet
    3. People spamming goldselling sites that take over entire tradechats…
    4. doubelclicking my healthpotions in my inventory and NOT getting it to work untill after the 3rd try 😛 that can kill ya!
    5. Noobs begging for gold in game: make your own!!
    6. Noobs asking to be powerleveled in game.
    7. People standing on top of my shop when i’m in Merch mode but not buyin anything, therefor making it harder for other ppl to click my shop.
    8. Getting an offer on something i sell in whisper, then closing shop to make a trade and having the buyer lower the price considerably from what he offered.
    9. People asking for an RC to tomb when they can just walk
    10. People who start shouting at me when i try to kill Kamira because ‘they are waiting on a friend to do it and it ‘s theirs’… there is no mob exclusively for one player!!!

    Rita_Balou on Last Chaos 🙂 c-server

  3. arabidcolyhrap – Aeriaganes name
    1. When new players see prices of + 15 weapons and price + 0 weapons the same way.

    2. When my guild members take my stuff and leave guild.

    3. When low levels keep asking me to level them over and over and over and over.

    4. When low levels also ask you for money over and over again.

    5. I REALLY hate it when someone comes in and steals your kill when i’m leveling.

    6. I hate it when someone thinks they know everything but they don’t know anything

    7. I hate scammers.

    8. I hate it when i have no in game money.

    9. i hate it when i have a lot of money and i’m happy then accidentally do something that ruins my day.

    10. I hate it when someone spams the chat while talking

    11. I hate noobs.

    12. I hate it when someone won’t tell me how to do something

  4. rebelrenegade1 – Aeriagames – S server
    It really chaps my Hide when:

    1. New Players go around begging for gold, mounts and items from other players and expect you to give it to them for free.
    2. Gold spammers and bots of any kind who constantly post ways for people to get gold when it is against the ToS.
    3. Scam Artists and hackers who steal accounts and items.
    4. People who say they hate a particular game, but continue to play said game.
    5. People who send in false reports on a player, Just so they can try to get them banned or kicked from the Game.
    6. Continuous additions to a game while bugs, glitches and issues have not been corrected.
    7. People who follow you around in the game and killsteal you constantly.
    8. People are rude to you and call you names when you are simply asking a question to better understand something.
    9. people jack up the prices of stuff in the game, when they know it isn’t worth that much.
    10. People claim that they will do something for you and never follow thru.
    11. Game sites do not offer other ways for people to earn Points to buy in game items to people who cannot afford to spend money on the game and live on a Budget.

  5. Windchuong – Aeria Games Acc

    I hate it when..
    1.People advertise gold in the middle lagging the game
    2.When people steal my kills while grinding
    3.When people scam me
    4.When people can just pay to get their account leveled while I have to kill stuff.
    5.When I dont know how to do something
    6.When people call me noob for getting killed first in the party
    7.When I’m really poor and cant buy anything.
    8.When they do maintenance on the servers for hours
    9.When people camp the spawn and kill us multiple times
    10. And when I get disconnected while doing something important

  6. MMO Pet Peeves

    I don’t like…

    1. People attacking and/or killing each other for no reason
    2. Foul language
    3. Verbal assault between players
    4. Stalking
    5. A bad game community
    6. Game administrators who take no action against bad players
    7. Being told which players to hang out with and who to not hang out with
    8. Having all my alts in the same guild by default
    9. Not understanding what the purpose of the game is
    10. No new game updates

  7. 1. People killing the mob I’m training my pet on while i’m away
    2. People Kill Stealing when i’m trying to farm sp, exp or lvl my p2 pet
    3. People spamming goldselling sites that take over entire tradechats…
    4.When people can just pay to get their account leveled while I have to kill stuff.
    5.When I dont know how to do something
    6.When people call me noob for getting killed first in the party
    7. I hate scammers.

    8. I hate it when i have no in game money.

    9. i hate it when i have a lot of money and i’m happy then accidentally do something that ruins my day.
    10. And when I get disconnected while doing something important

  8. I hate it when:
    1. people ask for my age/sex/location in-game (IG)
    2. I join a party for a quest I thought I never heard of only to remember it half-way through as a low level dungeon raid
    3. IG chat rolls a dozen announcements from the server and my conversation gets lost before I can private msg my would-be friend, then spend 5 mins looking for who I was talking to
    4. being asked for gold (or other IG cash with high value)
    5. being denied entry to a party because of (low) level
    6. forgetting about my freshly microwaved hotpocket during a PVP
    7. being told, “you didn’t know!? LOL” (i really hate that)
    8. people who shout “KP” IG and they’re not even Korean nationals and don’t know what real Korean Pride is about
    9. being offered useless items for 1 gold piece, like trading properties in Monopoly – “I’ll give you Baltic Ave., Oriental Ave., and B&O railroad for ‘get out of jail free’ card!”
    10. spending hard earned cash for virtual cash used to buy an item for a guild that someone steals/leaves the guild –grrr

  9. i hate it most when :-
    1. they start to kill steal my mobs
    2. my party members loot all the boss drop items for themselves
    3. my party members just heal themselves
    4. being killed in PvP
    5. being disconnected in the middle of a fight
    6. failed at my fortification attempt
    7. i accidently sold my items
    8. party members keep delaying to come to dungeons
    9. party leechers who just sit there doing nothing
    10. being told that the party is full

  10. I hate it when:
    1. People killing the mob I’m training my pet on while i’m away
    2. People Kill Stealing when i’m trying to farm sp, exp or lvl my p2 pet
    3. People spamming goldselling sites that take over entire tradechats…
    4.When people can just pay to get their account leveled while I have to kill stuff.
    5.When I dont know how to do something
    6.When people call me noob for getting killed first in the party
    7. I hate scammers.

    8. I hate it when i have no in game money.

    9. i hate it when i have a lot of money and i’m happy then accidentally do something that ruins my day.
    10. And when I get disconnected while doing something important

  11. This is what I hate on a MMO:

    1.I hate it when someone killed on pvp or arena cries (don’t enter if you don’t want to die)
    2.I hate it when someone thinks is a pro for killing 1 person on pvp or arena, being helped with a party
    3.I hate gold sellers
    4.I hate scammers
    5.I hate people without a minimum of education and respect
    6.I hate foul language
    7.I hate people talking another language in the general channel in an english server.
    8.I hate ninjas (people who rolls for an item and they don’t need it or can’t use it)
    9.I hate when they talk in caps
    10.I hate when they keep asking for EXP Events
    11.I hate when they invite me for their guild without even saying hello first.
    12.I hate when someone calls you noob (do you guys even know the meaning of the word?)
    13.I hate when someone calls you freak for playing a game (then what are you doing inside the same game >>)
    14.I hate it when someone leaves a dungeon party in the middle of it -.-

    I hate more things but I’m tired XD I don’t even know why I play XD I guess those people can be ignored :3

    That’s it,


  12. Things that drive me crazy

    1. No in-game money

    2. People glitching

    3. People stalking me for tips

    4. No ammo left

    5. Only basic rifles left when everyone has awesome guns T_T

    6. Missing an event

    7. People who attack from behind

    8. Kdr going down

    9. People who say “Noob” everytime they get killed.

    10. My internet lagging

  13. I hate it when:
    1. Someone follows me around asking for gold or levelling help
    2. When people spam the chat giving links to “free gold”
    3. When people don’t speak the language of the server they are in and cause confusion
    4. When my party ignores me in chat 😦
    5. Being killed too easily in PVP because the other players could afford really good armor and consumables
    6. When a good party falls apart just because one member left
    7. Waiting ages to find a good party
    8. Being in a game where i can’t afford anything
    9. When a good friend randomly stops showing up without a word.
    ~ optimistemo on shaiya/ server etain ~ ^_^

  14. MMO Pet Peeves
    Yunie007-Aeria games nick
    I hate it when..
    1.Some players begs for free gold
    2.Some players come and kill my low-health boss, so that they can get exp.
    3.You buy accidently something expensive
    4.Game lags and sometimes “freezes”
    5.Its so expensive in every auction house/shop
    6.Nobody wants to take you to party or help you with bosses
    7.Some players send spam-messages to my postmail or in chat
    8.Some players are lazy and pays for powerleveling.
    9.You dont know where to go and what to do
    10.There is too many people in front of marketguy

  15. Aeriagames username: Fraktar

    It’s so annoying when…
    1. People spam on the chat
    2. People steal your kills
    3. People try to sell something for ridiculously high prices
    4. People are just being rude
    5. People can’t spell a single word right
    6. People try to sound smart… because they’re usually dumb
    7. Run out of quests and have to grind a ton of XP
    8. High level people act snobby even though they’ve only played like 2 more days than you
    9. You realize your stats are a little wrong but can’t reset them without starting over
    10. The servers go down for no reason (scheduled maintenance is okay though)

  16. Username: xMMZ

    Don’t you hate it when…

    1. You get kill-stealed,
    2. You put a point in the wrong stat (and can’t get it back!),
    3. You’ve been hunting for a drop for hours only to realize you’ve been hunting the wrong monsters,
    4. People Type Like This Trying To Look Smart,
    5. You log in only to see the server go down,
    6. You die because some jerk lured a boss to you,
    8. You run out of potions,
    9. You die when a boss only needs one more hit to kill,
    10. Noobs beg for a certain amount of money saying it’s all they need, and when you give them the money, they continue begging other people for money.

  17. Aeriagames username: hugesecret

    I hate it when,

    1. I see glitched mobs,
    2. People spamming in the general chat
    3. People begging for something
    4. I miss some mobs while tanking
    5. I die because of lag
    6. I cannot find to buy something what I need.
    7. I die because of debuff after killing a boss.
    8. People leave the party when it has just started.
    9. I pay overprice for an item.
    10. I see high level noobs.

  18. 10 Things that grind my gears about MMO’s

    User Name: sweetmama81

    1. Beggars…I worked hard for mine so what makes them think they deserve a hand-out!
    2. KS-I don’t steal from you so do not steal from me…it’s really not that hard sheesh lol.
    3. Longer then what’s expected server outages. Don’t tell me one time then keep them down for an extremely different time.
    4. Forgetting to reset my pet prior to entering a paid area.
    5. Drop farming for hours to get a yellow piece of gear. Is it too much to ask for a blue one or even green?
    6. Random friend requests from people that NEVER talk to you!
    7. Gear breaking when upgrading it.
    8. Glitches….need I say more?
    9. Lag…being lagtastic isn’t the greatest thing in the world contrary to popular belief.
    10. When pots don’t work the way they are intended to.

  19. i mostly hate it when
    1-some one start ksing u and say u stated it
    2-i hate it when da gold selling sites start spamming da game chat
    3-i hate when some1 comes and over price my offer
    4-i hate it when i pwn some1 they say that they have lag
    5-i hate ppl who think any1 could pwn them is hacking
    6-i hate maintenance time
    7-i hate it when sellers over price something just cuz u need it so much
    8-i hate players that copy ur name/guild name
    9-i hate ppl who say nice to anything
    10-i hate when some1 try to scam ppl with a stupid obvious way
    11-i hate my ingame luck X<


  20. I hate it:
    1. When people just invade my farming time then complain when I still stay and continue farming.
    2. When I get disconnected all of a sudden.
    3. When the items I want are sold for a very high price.
    4. When people just keep on typing annoying shouts.
    5. When players beg for things or macca.
    6. When people sound so arrogant.
    7. When others act so childish and I have to be patient with them to avoid conflict.
    8. When my friends leave the game.
    9. When I die in game.
    10. When I run out of macca.

    This is by koloruki.

  21. I hate it when…

    1. People run a dungeon with you and quit at the boss.
    2. I run out of potions.
    3. My weapon breaks.
    4. There is no grinding in the game.
    5. People use bots and spam advertisements in the chatbox.
    6. I buff someone and don’t receive a simple thank you.
    7. People beg for help and items.
    8. People initiate conversation to me in a different language.
    9. People die and blame you.
    10. People reply “lol” to whatever you say.

    Aeria Games Username: clonecom
    SMT:Imagine Online IGN: UsagiReisen

  22. AeriaGames Username: snow_bunnie808
    Grand Fantasia server Alice channel 2

    I hate it when …

    1. The server is diconnected when in battle
    2. People troll you just because they feel like it
    3. Monsters with names in red font form groups and chase after you
    4. You run out of ammo in a heated fight
    5. You don’t have enough charges to kill the boss
    6. Higher level players look down on you
    7. You can’t make your character have pink hair !
    8. People randomly invite you into their guild just for the benefits
    9. You can’t run away in time when a pack of monsters swarm after you , depleting your health rapidly .

    10. You die and a chunk off you EXP is gone

  23. Don’t You hate it when…

    1. When people join a dungeon party, and quit at the last boss.
    2. When your weapon breaks.
    3. When you run out of potions
    4. When people advertise selling gold, spamming in the shoutbox.
    5. When people call you a noob, after you’ve killed them in pvp.
    6. When people kill steal a boss that only spawns once a few hours.
    7. When noobs beg for money and follow you.
    8. When people claim to have been hacked, and want someone to give them something.
    9. You quit a game, only to come back a few weeks later to find your account wiped.
    10.When people speak in another language in the english server, even when they have their own server.

    AeriaGames User: clonecom

  24. Username:NekoEmily
    I hate it when..
    1.You die and you lose exp.
    2.its hard to level up
    3.Somebody comes beg for some free gold
    4.server is full of people and game is lagging.
    5.You forgot buy some potions and because of that, you will die..
    6.Teleporting pays.
    7.There is spammers.
    8.Some high-leveled wanna duel with me.
    9.Theres no party near you
    10.You help some low-leveled they dont even thank you..

  25. aeriagames account : Bukac987

    1. I hate when peoples are begging
    2. I hate when experience booster doesnt work
    3. I hate when i destroy my weapon/ armor when upgrading
    4. I hate when some one steal my kills
    5. I hate when i get pked by low lvl
    6. I hate when i die because of lagg
    7. I hate when some one lure aggro beasts to me and i die
    8. I hate lagg
    9. I hate when i find cheap item for sale and i have no money
    10.I hate when i cant find some item in inventory
    11.I hate SPAMMERS

  26. Username: cully287

    1.When people kill your monster while oet leveling
    2.People who yell at you and say they are a high level so they can buy your stuff at low prices
    3.People who make absolutely no sense while talking (is gets for tem)…?
    4.When you accidently put something for sale at a low price and when you go to take it off sale its sold already.
    6.People who when you come cose to where they are farming go completely nuts and tell you to leave.
    7.Scammers who buy stuff at low prices frm low levels.
    8.people who get bigs mobs running behind them and run past you so you die.
    9.Lagging then when you come back you randomly dead…
    10.Loosing SP when dying.

  27. 1. Screen freezes when am killing bosses in game and dies when my screen unfreeze
    2. people afking at quest spots killing monsters u need to kill
    3. monsters give litle exp
    4. monsters give lousy or no loots
    5. paying too much for an item from another player in game when u can buy for less at npc
    6. killed by mobs lured by other players
    7. everyone is afking, nobody plays with me
    8. i hate it when people hacks and owns me
    9. i hate it when i accidentally falls into a pool of water and drown in game
    10. higher level players verbally abusing lower level players calling them names like noob

  28. username crazynub99

    1. when i get killed at a spot where i thought is safe to go for a toilet break
    2. my game lagggs and i die losing exp
    3. people ksing me
    4. noobs annoying me with questions that they should be able to answer if they tried to use their brains
    5. people begging for my hard earn gold
    6. wasting time wating for party members to come
    7. getting verbal abuse by higher lvls for being noob
    8. having to run across the map a few times just to complete a quest
    9. getting killed when i am already half way to a point and respawns at the starting point
    10. getting stuck at places due to bug and getting killed by the mobs around it

  29. 10) Grindfests
    9) Damage Nerfs (Diaspora >_>)
    8) Reflects
    7) Trolls
    5) Scammers
    4) Improper Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation
    3) Beggars
    2) Botters/Hackers
    1) Incompetent Developers

    Aeria Username: RedshirtRGM79
    Game(s): Megaten, DoMO (Retired Sage)

    • 😛 Had to post even though it’s past the deadline (I’m actually surprised more people didn’t put incompetent devs)

  30. I realize it’s past the deadline, but I had come up with a brief poem entailing my top 10, and my Honey believes I should send it in anyway.

    Beggars and Whiners and Campers and Haters,
    Farmers and Spammers and AH Inflaters,
    Glitching and Lagging and when I DC,
    10 things I hate in MMORPGs!

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