Learning to manage my char’s spending habits

Hey there!  A bit of a serious topic here.  Most of us are hard working mmopg-ers balancing work, family and leveling up.

Ever wish you could just stick all that info into one sheet and make sense of your life for once?  A buddy of mine is giving a 30% discount on his newest software innovation that makes life more simple but doesn’t require you to be a database genius or a CFO.  If I had this, I wouldn’t have spent every gold piece in my GF or KH char’s wallet without realizing I could have held out for something better.

LightWize is the name of the product, but it neither pretty, nor flashy like the stuff you see being sold by Microsoft.  It’s based on Access, but you don’t need Access to run it.  It gets the job done, is affordable and you can use it for everything you can imagine — even mmorpgs!

The site where you can buy is: http://www.markleyworks.com/Products.html

The discount code to use when buying to get 30% off is:


Just today, I installed it and put in my GW character’s income (copper, silver, gold), how much I spent, what stuff I have in my inventory I can sell, AND a put a list of people interested in buying my stuff.  I just keep their user name and plug it into my LightWize, to see if I sold it to him, how much I sold it for, what profit I made, and work towards the goal of getting something more expensive…or just to rack up gold.

When I finished that, I immediately switched to “real life” mode and input what I earned from work, paid rent, grocery bill, THEN I figured how much leftover I can spend on my games. =)

Playing games is helluvalot more fun when you got extra cash for those micro-payment items that some games tease you with.  So LightWize might be the thing you can use for that.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on July 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Learning to manage my char’s spending habits”

  1. Saw this on the Aeria Games FB fan page and thought I’d offer my two cents.
    I used this product in its first version to keep track of my WoW spending (subscriptions, time played, gold bought/sold), but I never thought to use it to see how my char has grown. Plus the reports you can print out are awesome and exportable to Excel so I can make graphs and share with my clan mates. Not expensive when you realize what it can do. No extra stuff to confuse you and it really gets you in the habit of keeping records.
    Also, I was buying stuff on an item mall for aeria and didn’t get my item. While I trust Aeria to keep records on their end, their RT system has been screwy lately and I want to keep my own proof too. Good job!

  2. I’m a gamer, but I’m also a businessman, father and investor.
    I paid $10,000 per year to have Bloomberg on my office laptop, but you need to be born on Mars to understand some of the features and it was too much to handle so I unsubscribed. Then I found Lightwize and tried it out on my GW2 char’s progress (at first because I wanted to see if I could use LW easily with something simple like a game), and got into the habit of keeping daily (or whenever I played) records of money (gold, etc.) gained, spent, etc. I found out I was having as much fun doing this which was what I do at work, which is manage numbers! If you’re not a businessman, you can still use LightWize for your personal stuff, but seeing your numbers increase and decrease for an mmo is not only fun, but prepares you to be able to do the same thing when you do go into business. After a month, you can say, I leveled up 5 times at half the cost of my first 15 levels! WTF!
    Free mmorpgs especially have those pesky micro-transactions that people with money can take advantage of. But if you manage your real money smartly, why not put a little extra cash aside to buy a 2X EXP package or whatever for your games?
    Sweet deal 30% I have the original software but will buy their new one over the 4th of July weekend.

  3. I’m glad some people have found something to develop real life skills out of such a time wasting thing as games. Just an opinion but let me continue.
    Every parent should teach their kids that managing information (money, schedules, data) is not just for accountants but SO USEFUL a skill we think that robots can take care of it. Wrong. Now, kids hate extra homework and learning to keep records makes them feel like, “more chores?” If they start off doing it in a game or activity they enjoy, it makes it that much easier to become a habit to use in the working world. I bought my junior high school age cousin a half-year subscription for the Worlds of Warcraft, but want him to realize how subscriptions work so LightWize can be a tool to make him more appreciative of “pay to play”. Plus I promised to renew his subscription come Christmas if he can show me how much his Warcraft character is improving and “earning” in the game. He said, he’ll keep good records!

  4. I have spending problems with my character. I play in Last Chaos. It is a free mmorpg, but you really need some $ if you want to lvl up. There is my problem. in game gold is hard to earn so I actually learned to value it and got some negotiating skills out of it. I hope I’ll be better in the real life if I need to buy something from a commission store 🙂

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