“Professional Hackers”

Some of us in the MMORPG community have heard stories or personally experienced the results of someone hacking their account, guild, profile, etc.

While you may not be able to see the damage on the surface, you’ll notice right away when fishy (or phishy) emails start filling your email inbox, addressing you by your first and last name, naming your zodiak sign, wishing you Happy Birthday, and other things that could not be possible without someone leaking or forcefully extracting such information illegally.

When Spud was growing up, hackers were those guys trying to get into company mainframes, government files, porno sites, or other systems worth their salt.  And those hackers were good enough to be labeled “pros”, who could very well breach any kind of system, get out, and make it well worth it for themselves and their clients.

Using a university email as the only thing young Spud felt one should be using as a point of contact for classmates, high school friends, family, etc.  it was not long before a torrent of emails –being sent accompanied by very personal information — started making life hell.  Young Spud wondered “if a so-called ‘pro’ hacker was responsible, YTF did he/she choose me out of so many others?”

Who could use tons of names and email addresses and to what end?

Years later, after a brief stint in telemarketing and sales, a more enlightened Spud can express what he feels is the true reason random Joe’s and Jane’s get hacked.  Databases of names, email addresses, personal info are a gold mine for marketers looking to throw a few buzz words or attention-grabbing phrases to get you to buy, click, call, or do whatever to lead to a sale.  It’s never just you alone.  You can tell because there are often a dozen or so email recipients in the spam email’s Cc. field, though spam marketers have no doubt gotten better at making their email appear personal. — the hacker probably sold the database for hundreds to multiple spam marketers.

What happens when your game account gets hacked?



~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 30, 2010.

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