MMOs and Multiple Personality Disorder

How many times have you finished an impossible quest in your favorite MMORPG that earned you (in-game) fame and fortune?  Probably dozens of times as the NPC characters who give you those tasks make you think you’re their hero.

Now, how many times have you done something similar in real life?

What makes us so capable to take on challenge and face adversity in the virtual world, yet never grows beyond a thought in the real world?  Do we change as soon as we hit the “login” button and transport ourselves into our games?

Alpha Spud has MPD when it comes to games.  Normally one who hates confrontation, hates unrealistic expectations from friends and coworkers, penny pinches even when shopping for grandma’s birthday card, and so on, when the game starts all that goes out the window and a completely new persona is the driver of his in-game self.  No unchallenged quest is left in the queue, no one is unreasonable, and a Robin Hood mentality of give to the poor takes over Spud.  Yet, when the game is through, Spud’s Jekyll-Hyde transformation repeats itself and the shy, stingy, doubting Spud is all that’s left.

Perhaps that the virtual world is the only place that we are free from being judged, and discovered for who were really are, encouraging behavior far different from our real world self — maybe that also means that we are our true selves in the virtual world and a masquerade of sorts begins when we log off.  It’s not a good or bad thing, it  is just that it wouldn’t be surprising if the arrest for a person accused of a killing spree was met by thousands of protesters because he was such a sweetheart in GW — perhaps providing a contradicting side to investigations where evidence to support an individual’s criminal intent comes also from Facebook, Twitter, gaming behavior, etc.

Does anyone have a similar issue or has seen their friends online act totally differently than when you’re hanging out at the mall?


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 30, 2010.

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