Junk technology

As seen on:  http://www.mmocrunch.com/2010/06/28/world-of-warcraft-tap-chat-pedal/

4 guys: a paladin, an elf ranger, a white wizard healer, and a necro mage were advancing on the sleeping dragon’s lair.  Creeping closer to the lair entrance, the foursome readied their weapons and drew in their breaths when (see below)

The healer went AFK.

The paladin reached over and smacked the healer upside his head and said, “you can make out with your girlfriend AFTER this quest is over!”

It’s a good thing they were all in the same room and the healer’s gf had to go to her job at Starbucks a sec later.  But all the same, Afk takes the fun out of mmorpgs so let’s respect our party members and let them know your going out for a few mins.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 30, 2010.

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