Dying WoW


Tobold, a popular mmorpg blogger, writes some pretty good stuff and Alpha Spud would like to share the above link with his fellow MMO Spuds.

What qualifies a “dying” game? If WoW isn’t dying, that what game truly is?


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dying WoW”

  1. Get enough people saying an MMORPG is dying, whether it’s free or p2p, and it can tumble into ruin.

    It’s just the power of conformism, peer pressure, bandwagon mentality at work. Say it enough times, and in bigger groups, and it will soon cover the whole community, whether they know better or not. Too many people quit, the game won’t be worth playing.

    Is that the strategy of the “Wow is dying” sayers? What asses.

  2. I read Larisa’s blog post and kind of LOLed when she mentioned that many WoW quitters don’t go quietly and make a “Grand Exit”.

    Here’s what I’d say for any game I was unhappy with, be it a free mmorpg or a p2p mmo, etc.:

    “So Long, and Thanks for ALL the Fish!”

    Not “Grand”, doesn’t make sense, but at least they’ll know I’m gone.

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