Old but relevant article: Addiction


Does gaming addiction exist?

OF COURSE IT DOES. This article was written a few years back, but asks a years-old question in its first category.

Spud think that out of all the addicts out their, Gaming Addicts are one of few types who will proudly admit they have a problem.  (‘addicted to life/love’ doesn’t count)

What do you say? Do you have a “problem” if you could call it that?

Mmorpgs, rts and fps games may have more players in front of their computers and for longer periods of time, but that’s just the nature of the games they are playing.  Some games take loads of time just to get past the tutorial phase.

Perhaps the main problem is not the idea of a “gaming addiction” but more or less society (at the time of the article’s writing) was still fence-sitting on accepting the fact gaming is here to stay and the industry gets stronger month by month.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Old but relevant article: Addiction”

  1. It depends on the kind of game I guess.
    Free mmorpg games like Flyforfun, Kingdom Heroes – Yes, I am an addict: everyday 4 hours, weekends double that

    Browser games like Evony, Travian, Pirate Galaxy – No, because I only play them for about an hour every time, and not everyday.

    FPS I gotta say I’m half-addicted – on good days when I have a good kill/death ratio, I stay on until I encounter campers. The worst are COD4 and BF1942

    Just me I suppose.
    Generally speaking, is there a problem? NO.

  2. @ Twitter4Ever

    Totally same for me for FPS games. My K/D ratio has never been lower recently but I used to stay on for HOURs back when people would camp/cheat less frequently.

    I’m not an avid mmorpg fan, but I’m interested in WOW and that Grand Fantasy game. To me, they look the same in terms of graphics quality, but the free to play aspect of GF is a little too attractive.

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