World Cup Soccer Schedule

If you are luck enough to take a break in between mmorpg grinding sessions, you might want to check out what the rest of the world full of “normal” people are so excited about: The FIFA World Cup

The schedule (in Pacific Standard Time) is:

6/24/10, 10am: Italy (Favorite) vs. Slovakia (Underdog)
6/24/10, 10am: Paraguay (Favorite) vs. New Zealand (Underdog)
6/24/10, 2:30pm: Denmark (Favorite) vs. Japan (Underdog)
6/24/10, 2:30pm: Netherlands (Favorite) vs. Cameroon (Underdog)

6/25/10, 10am: Ivory Coast (Favorite) vs. Korea DPR (Underdog)
6/25/10, 10am: Brazil (Favorite) vs. Portugal (Underdog)
6/25/10, 2:30pm: Spain (Favorite) vs. Chile (Underdog)
6/25/10, 2:30pm: Switzerland (Favorite) vs. Honduras (Underdog)

“Who’s gonna win?” is not the question Spud wants to ask because Spud doesn’t usually watch soccer.  All Spud wants to know is, if the USA wins or not.

But, like a previous post, the World Cup does have a power over the world so if you want to join in on the fun, just flip into ESPN or some channel for the updates and bring it up at dinner…or something like that.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “World Cup Soccer Schedule”

  1. Do we cease to become “MMO Couch Potatoes” if we allocate time to watching “futbol” rather than mmorpg-ing? Personally, I don’t see an upside to this trade off and would rather spend my time playing. If they had a free mmorpg based on soccer, Winning Eleven I guess is kinda like an mmo, then maybe I’d give a damn.

    • 1. Yes, zidane is bald – thats why it hurt so much when he head-butted that guy in 2006
      2. While I don’t agree 100%, my mates say watching the World Cup may be just seeing guys lobbing an inflated rubber spheres nowhere near the goal, it is better than watching the same countries lobbing nukes at each other.

  2. I could do with a break from the usual routine of “up at 4pm, play mmos till 3am, hit the diner for a griddle, sleep”.

    Since the US team squeezed into the Group of 16, it’s going to be interesting. North Korea got ass-whooped, but they gave it their best shot.

    Free mmorpg spudhood will have to wait for me cuz I’m a part-time soccer fan.

  3. HEY if any of youz guyz play Last Chaos from Aeria games, they are selling for 25 Aeria Points (25cents) World Cup uniforms you can show off in the game!
    I found this link on my way to their item mall.

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