These guys don’t mess around

Has anyone played much of EVE Online?

Spud was seriously bummed when they shut down the official servers for Freelancer as that game was a masterpiece in the making and with a few patches and updates it could have been as big as EVE.  Feel free to disagree.

But ever since Spud’s vegetated manifestation took root in mmorpgs like GW, WoW and GF, it has been harder to jump to another theme like this sci-fi mmo.

If anyone can give the skinny on EVE Online (Not a sales promotional post), Spud and all 10 of his loyal MMO Couch Potato followers would really appreciate it.

Or, if you also liked Freelancer and play on one of the servers still dedicated to the game (based in Europe if not mistaken), share your current ship model, weapons load out, and kill count.

Spud plays a Dromedary Freighter and makes the Cardamine run as often as possible.  I have a level 5 shield debilitator turret and the rest are high energy slow rate-of-fire energy weapons that I can just point and click.  No bother with missiles/mines.  Currently saving up to buy a super-heavy fighter in one of the unexplored sectors just outside the Reinland systems. Kills count (not from the story game) is about 2,700.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “These guys don’t mess around”

  1. EVE Online is a pay to play game and if you ask me, it’s a stunning demonstration of what Freelancer should have been!

    I am re-playing the story game after about 7 years of the game disc collecting dust on my shelf. Excellent sandbox-style exploration and missions. I still wish you could load up multiple missions at once like in Privateer (basically the same game from a generation ago).
    My ship right now: Kusari light fighter, missiles and debilitator cannons only. No mines. Already have hundreds of kills from just flying around and attacking every faction I can, but I think I’ve pissed off just about everyone except for the Jump Gate companies and police/militaries! It’s gonna be tough getting on some people’s good side when I go after special missions.

  2. EVE Online = Excellent game in terms of depth, sophistication and multiplayer interaction. Pay-to-play but in my opinion well worth it.

    Freelancer is also EXcellent, but it does not pay to be too adventurous… I kept wandering off to uncharted space, and ended up in “mine fields” of needley, spiky objects that exploded whenever I flew too close. And autopilot doesn’t even help to avoid them! Once time I set it on cruise control for 5 minutes and all of a sudden, boom I’m dead. My ship is also the Dromedary Freighter and I load that baby up with rapid fire guns, no debillitator turrets, highest level mine dropper possible. Kills in the thousands and I have abandoned the story game pretty much.

  3. Havent played EVE. Maybe some will be nice enough to give a post on their average day of play.

    I shelved Freelancer 5 years ago but what I can tell you is I was a slimeball. After completing the story, I ran Cardamine using the Dromedary (as was instructed on the IGN Freelancer guide), bought the heaviest fighter in the game and maxed out the guns. Then after that I spent all my time and millions of credits earned from smuggling Cardamine hunting capital ships of the major factions Reinland, Liberty, etc. Singlehandedly taking down those monsters and swatting down the waves of fighters that came after was a lot of fun and I’d time myself how long I could survive.

  4. Hey Spoo,

    The fighter you’re referring to is the Corsair M10 Titan Very Heavy Fighter. I trust you were able to have a good enough reputation with the Corsair factions to dock at their hidden moon base and purchase one, yes?
    That’s my baby. Like most Freelancer vets, I spent a good amount of time running Cardamine for big bucks, cuz it was EXPENSIVE.
    Also, Spoo4Brains – watch B5 much? =) The Titan as you know looks just like those Centauri warships.
    “We live for the one, we die for the one!”

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