Star Trek F2P browser game?

Planned for Facebook and  a browser version playable in Europe and the US.

Is this what gamers want?

Spud wants:

A super high-end Star Trek MMORTS/TPS rpg game that uses motion sensor and 3-d technology to allow players to:

  • Wield Klingon Bat’leth swords
  • Vulcan Nerve-pinch foes
  • Assimilate noobs Borg-style with hand-mounted nano-machine injectors!

~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 22, 2010.

One Response to “Star Trek F2P browser game?”

  1. @Spud

    Don’t forget Mind-Melds and Star Trek Fu like overhead double-fisted hammer blows!

    But the f2p browser games would be great and I like that the DS9 series will be resurrected for one of the games. DS9 was the best of the post-TNG series.
    If they make a Star Trek: Enterprise game in any capacity, be it browser, mobile, console or pc mmo, I’ll definitely NOT play it.

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