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A simple but informative review of Grand Fantasia, another free mmorpg from Aeria Games that seems to have grown into a popular game in the US as well as Europe.


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “GF in a nut shell”

  1. One of my most favorite free mmorpg’s is twelve sky 2 on This game is one that starts out with three factions, Guanyin (what I consider the humble, but filled with power), Fujin(what I consider civilized, and sneaky), and Jinong (what I consider barbaric, and concerned about strength). You start out by choosing one of these three factions, and training yourself into becoming the best. You go to wars, meet people from around the world, and have fun, and most importantly it’s free. All the games at are free, and i encourage you to check them out.

  2. If you love RPG’s you’ll love Shaiya, at Areia Games. Great fun and it’s free to play!

  3. Join Areia Games for the best RPG’s games available on the internet!

  4. This is a great website that you can visit. It has lots of free mmorpg games. Not only do they have mmorpg but they have racing games too. Oh and lets not forget FPS games. Project Torque is the best free racing you can get. Their Wolf team game is also amazing. It is one of the better free fps games out there. If only you people knew. Anyways please come check out the website, the community is friendly and you can always make new friends there.

  5. Ok, if you enjoy this game, i can guarantee you will like last chaos. go to the website Last Chaos is one of games from the Aeria games company. Last Chaos is a FREE mmorpg, meaning you dont pay a cent for anything in the game. there are no “members-only” areas like many mmorpg‘s. the graphics and game play are all amazing, the quest and party system are very good, and the game has many more unique features like the personal dungeon. The community is very good, and is full of friendly employees willing to help you. The game is a ton of fun. go check it out at

  6. Last Chaos!

  7. go to and try out last chaos. its is a FREE mmorpg, meaning you dont pay a cent. the game graphics and game play are both amazing, and the party and quest systems are terrific as well. There are no members-only areas of the game, and the community is full or friendly people willing to help you. There are tons of skill and thing to do. check it out at is the best mmorpg i have ever played, no doubt.

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