Has this happened to you?


The post “worst game day ever!” was a bit far-fetched but non unlikely.

Anyone with similar accounts, please tell Spud a story!


~ by Red 5 Standing By on June 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Has this happened to you?”

  1. OMG, that happened to me in uni. I was just sitting there playing my first mmorpg, Guild Wars with the music way up and I heard a violent banging. I was peeing myself because I had received not one, but two separate letters from film yuppies saying “I must cease and erase” all copyrighted content or the proper authorities will be notified of my infraction, blah freakin’ blah.
    I opened the door with chain fixed and a female police officer screamed at me for not answering the door almost 5 minutes ago. Apparently my “crime” was having my Enya music blasting and my neighbors, being “good students”, had declared myself a neighborhood disturbance. She warned me if she had to come back again, I’d be fined. I asked who called me out, but was refused an answer. If you’re reading this, COME TELL ME IN PERSON before you call the cops! I returned to my game and discovered I was obliterated by monsters and my party had left me thinking I was afk (which in fact I was)…

  2. This is for all you LUCKY people.

    I got a single short letter from a film company, claiming I violated IPRs for 5 movies I had on my HDD, and will be dealt with appropriately under the law. I called their offices and protested that I owned the DVDs and the VHS versions and given that their crappy disks and tape manufacturers don’t guarantee sturdiness, I made copies to make sure I could watch them long after wear-and-tear. The call ended badly to say the least.
    Then a couple weeks later, I was called by a lawyer representing the film industry and he told me if I did not comply with the request to remove the films from my HDDs, things “would not be easy for me”. I wasn’t playing a game when this happened, but I stopped what I was doing, checked the lawyer’s credentials online and seeing him as legit, proceeded to explain how I would go about deleting the problematic flicks from my HDD. He thanked me for my compliance and said he would send a final letter ending the ordeal as well as a list of additional films protected by IPRs. I ended the call with a muffled curse word for good measure. Guys, if you’re downloading/copying stuff, be smart about it and don’t leave your HDDs accessible by spies and watchdogs. Don’t let these corporate dogs of war get the pleasure of wasting even a second of your time. External HDDs are cheap these days. Save your stuff there and don’t have your Internet connected when you’re accessing them.

  3. Sad stuff. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_518832.html

    Do you know how crafty some people can be? Obviously not crafty enough to get busted. Fake cell phones? C’mon!
    It’s a good thing lots of mmorpgs are free. How can you pirate a free mmorpg like Shaiya, FlyFF, etc.? No gain, no need to!

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